Code Name: Silence coverart by Kirstin van Dyke

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Team: Silence by Kirstin van Dyke
TEAM: Silence
by Kirstin van Dyke
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Q: So you're an artist and a writer?

A: Yes.

Q: How did you design the cover?

A: First I sketched my design on paper. It was just a rough drawing with no proportions or details; it had just enough to tell me where everybody was going to go. Then I sketched a more detailed drawing of my design and scanned it into my computer. From there, I colored everything in Photoshop. I consulted my art teacher for help with the final stages and tweaked the design until I was satisfied.

Q: What was the hardest part about designing the cover?

A: Coloring Silence's skin and eyes.

Q: Why does Linda shape shift into a leopard?

A: Because it's cool! Actually, I have some other reasons. Leopards are very similar in size and weight to humans. They are also very stealthy and strong for their size, which makes Linda a handful for Silence. But leopards are also shy, reclusive animals, and that criteria matches Linda's personality.

Q: When is the sequel coming out and what is it called?

A: The sequel is called TEAM: Silence and it's available right now! Please see this page for more details: Team: Silence.

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