Code Name: Silence coverart by Kirstin van Dyke

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Team: Silence by Kirstin van Dyke
TEAM: Silence
by Kirstin van Dyke
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Dr. Wiliam H. Havelock (Coming Soon)

Dr. William H. Havelock

Age: 45

Code Name: N/A

Special Abilities: Software designer; weapon and military equipment designer/consultant.

Background: Dr. William H. Havelock is Aaron's father and one of the best software designers and engineers in the country. He works for the factory where Silence steals a weapon software program. Dr. Havelock is disturbed by the loss and is very anxious to retrieve the software before it can do any harm.



Age: Unknown

Real name: Classified

Special Abilities: Very intelligent; skilled fighter and businessman; large working knowledge of mechanics and technology.

Background: Scimitar as a mysterious and vindictive man. Strangely, his face is rarely seen because of the lack of light in his headquarters, and he keeps a pet cobra for company. Though intelligent and rich, Scimitar gets all of his wealth through various underground, illegal weapon and technology thefts, and smuggling. He employs Silence to help him steal new technology for his scheming business.



Age: Unknown (possibly mid-40's)

Real Name: Unknown

Special Abilities: martial arts master; weapons expert/sharpshooter; very strong and violent.

Background: Strong, violent, and unpredictable, Vanish is Scimitar's top man and bodyguard. Not much is known about Vanish except that he is extremely strong and fast, and he is not someone you want to get in a fight with unless you know exactly what you're doing. He carries a pistol, a knife, and always wears a black helmet and visor to cover his face for unknown reasons.

Apparition (Coming Soon)


Age: 26

Real name: Classified

Special Abilities: Stealthy; expert spy and assassin; speaks three languages; disguise artist.

Background: Apparition is conniving, selfish, and Scimitar's only female agent. She is Hallucination's younger sister and the agent that Scimitar sends on most of his espionage jobs. Untrustworthy and unpredictable at best, Apparition thinks highly of her skills as a spy and has a romantic attraction to Silence. She wears a dark green uniform with snake scale-like armor on the outsides of her legs.

Hallucination (Coming Soon)


Age: 29

Real name: Classified

Special Abilities: Acute scientific and computer knowledge; trained in medicine and engineering; has a mechanical right leg.

Background: Hallucination is Scimitar's top technician and scientist. He is also Apparition's older brother and Vanish's associate. Having lost his right leg via unknown circumstances, Hallucination wears a mechanical leg of his own design. He also wears a dark blue uniform and leaves his mechanical leg exposed.