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CODE NAME: Silence
by Kirstin van Dyke
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Four new superheroes...
One highly-skilled secret agent...
...are about to find out what it takes— to be a team

Not everyone can say they defeated an insane weapon smuggler, rescued a friend, and reformed a masked thief during summer break, but Kathy Allen can. And it’s the truth.

The first part of Kathy’s vacation has been unusual, to say the least, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She and her friends Aaron, Robert, and Linda are living a dream as superheroes. Almost.

Even though Kathy and her friends are superhumans - people born with unusual “gifts” - walking through walls, flying, and reading minds is only a part of being a superhero. Now, having formed an uneasy alliance with a man called Silence, who she first knew as her math teacher and then a dangerous enemy, Kathy is about to learn what it really takes to be a hero. And more importantly, what it takes to be a team of superheroes.

How hard could it be?

About the Author

After publishing CODE NAME: Silence in 2009, Kirstin van Dyke decided that she’d had too much fun to just leave the story and characters alone in one book. So, she revisited them in TEAM: Silence and had just as much - if not more fun - writing it than she did the original. Having never written a sequel before, especially a sequel meant to stand on its own, the project presented new challenges too. While she found that creating a new story for her characters was like visiting old friends, it still took over three years of writing, rewriting, temporary setbacks, and many hours of editing for TEAM: Silence to finally come together.

Kirstin makes her home in Oregon with her family, where she continues to write novels, poems, and short stories (and the occasional “fan-fiction”). TEAM: Silence is her second novel in print and the sequel to CODE NAME: Silence, her debut novel.