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Team: Silence by Kirstin van Dyke
TEAM: Silence
by Kirstin van Dyke
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Four normal lives...
Four extraordinary humans...
...are about to be changed—forever.

Imagine what it would be like to walk through walls. Kathy Allen doesn’t have to. She already can. She and her friends aren’t normal. They’re stronger, faster and have amazing abilities that no normal human could ever have...but they aren’t superheroes. Yet.

Right now, all Kathy’s powers are good for is getting her to school on time. She knows she could do much more, but the professionals are handling all the normal crimes. Until now.

A masked thief emerges that no one can stop. He leaves no clues. Security systems are no challenge for him, but Kathy thinks she and her friends are. The chance to prove themselves has arrived. And when you’re a superhero, what can possibly go wrong?


About the Author

Kirstin van Dyke was inspired at age 15 to begin penciling CODE NAME: Silence. She has always had a fascination with superheroes, superpowers, and has had a lifelong obsession with fantasy and the unknown. After 3 years and nearly 10 rewrites, (using a keyboard, not a pencil) the plot and characters finally came together for the adventure it is now.
Kirstin lives in Oregon with her family, where she continues to write novels, poems, and short stories. CODE NAME: Silence is her debut novel.